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About Lotion Puff

Lotion Puff is a new product designed for a person who applies lotion all over the body after a bath. Places you can’t reach with the palm of your hand remain dry and itchy. You might recall this feeling on your back between your shoulder blades...almost a burning sensation. How wonderful it is to put lotion on the soft Puff and to stroke it onto your back ( like you use a back brush ), cooling and soothing that itch you haven’t been able to reach until LOTION PUFF.


To use, simply spread your favorite body lotion on the puff like you do the palm of your hand, then gently stroke those hard to reach places like using a back scrub brush. You will get that “all over” feeling of loving skin care. After use, rinse the puff under a running faucet as you gently rub the puff clean, then place in palm of your hand and squeeze dry. Your Puff will become softer and more loveable the more you use it.


We here at Lotion Puff have done everything possible to give you a product of unmatched quality. For a thing as personal as your lotion applicator, we believe that nothing less than the look and feel of selected, genuine, handcrafted Honduran Mahogany wood will do for a handle. And, only after extensive testing, was the material in our premium multi-cellular pad chosen as the best for skin friendly feel, durability, easy cleaning and for use with all types of lotions.


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If You Can’t Reach it, Rub it or Scratch it... Puff it!


The Body Lotion Applicator

$16.95 each plus shipping and handling

Relief for Your Dry Itchy Skin has Arrived!

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